For Surf Life Saving Australia competitior and the paddler looking to challenge themselves at their nearest beach.


If you are looking for a SLSA spec ski, you are serious about competiting or take on the breaking waves. If you want to custom your ski we can help you get the set up just right for maximum performance. Feel free to email, phone or come and visit our showroom located at 1/15 Seasands Drive, Redhead NSW. Our SLSA friendly clubbie Dean Little will be there to guide you through the buying and tailoring process to ensure you get the ski you deserve.

Enjoy reviewing our Surf Life Saving Australia Ski's, please get in touch with Dean for a quote for your new ski  PH: 0400 554 058

Why choose interceptor?

Interceptor Ski's are known for being the serious paddlers choice.

Some of our countries leading paddlers choose Interceptor for the comfort and all round performance our ski's provide in all conditions.  It's a ski that supports all age groups and abilities. 

All of our Ski's are created for the individual - from the paddlers individual height to preferences in colour and style. All Ski's are manufactured at Ocean Playground HQ in Redhead NSW Australia.

Interceptor by Ocean Playground

The Alpha

The latest high performance Ski by Interceptor incorporates the award winning flexible footwell system

Length:                                 5.8m
Material:                              Carbon or GRF 
Conditions I can handle:   World domination!

The LT by Interceptor
The LT by Interceptor
LT by Interceptor

The LT

Slightly more stable than the Alpha, without sacrificing speed and performance.

Length:                                  5.8m
Material:                               Carbon or GRF
Conditions I can handle:    Perfect all rounder

The Phoenix by Interceptor Ski
Nicola Owen on her Phoenix Ocean Ski

The Phoenix

The most durable and fastest double ski on the market.
Fully adjustable with the option of standard seat high or deep seat for added stability.

Length:                                 5.8m
Material:                               Carbon or GRF
Conditions I can handle:    All conditions


Interceptor Single Glide

The Glide model revolutionised ski design and has been a top performer for over a decade and continues to be at the top of the pile amongst ski paddlers.
The perfect balance between stability and speed.
With 3 seat height options the Glide is the choice for the top paddlers.

Length:                                   5.8m
Material:                                 Glass or Carbon 
Conditions I can handle:      Anything, bring it on!

interceptor single edge


The Edge model adds further stability than the glide and also comes in an adjustable model. The added stability makes it perfect for the new paddler looking for a fast yet stable ski or the paddler simply looking to power down with no risk of brace strokes. The adjustable option makes it perfect for clubs allowing flexibility to introduce new paddlers year on year to surf ski.

Length:                                      5.8m
Material:                                   Glass or Carbon 
Conditions I can handle:        Anything, bring it on!