For the fitness enthusiasts looking to enjoy time on the water.


Looking to explore the waterways and get fit in the process?  The portable light weight recreational ski will get you on the water and hooked in the process.  It's worthwhile to try before you buy, so come and visit our showroom located at 1/15 Seasands Drive, Redhead NSW. Dean and the team will be at HQ ready to guide you through the evaluation and buying journey.

Enjoy reviewing our Recreational Ski's, please get in touch with Dean for a quote for your new ski... 



A great beginner or recreational craft.


The SWELL handles really well in the surf with a flat hull making it easy to manage, they are 4.2 metres long and approximately 600 wide and 13kg. Great for still water or cracking a few waves. Vacuum Infused and extremely robust, designed to take on all conditions!

Price: $2200 including GST

The Jester Knysna

The Jester is a fun ski aimed at kids and smaller paddlers ideal for wave riding

  • Fully adjustable (up to 1.78m paddler)

  • Glass vacuum 13kg

  • Very stable

  • 4.57 x 48.5

Price: $1650