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Dean Little founded Ocean Playground in Redhead, coastal NSW Australia in 2013. He started paddling at 14 years old -  when he got sick of swimming - and a year later started competing

on national level.


Ocean Playground exists to get people on the water from all walks of life and all levels of fitness.  In joining the paddling community individuals experience a healthier way of life. Being able to interact with the ocean on a daily basis, this opens up a new door for either competitive or recreational activity.


Previously working for a mulitnational in the engineering field, Dean left to follow his passion for paddling. This has resulted in a constant drive for innovation in design, production and manufacturing. It's all about continual improvement, high performance and enjoyment. 



“PaddleFit - I'm yours. What a beautiful way to start the day, paddling on the beautiful Lake Macquarie...”




“ Dean really helped me decide what ski would suit me - size, fit - everything. Not only did I get a ski but I got an education!”